As a little kid, I was fascinated by the darkroom equipment of my father. I just knew that was where the magic happened. So it didn’t take long for me to start developing my own pictures. It has been an amazing journey that has brought me back to where I started, black and white analog photography. I realized that as photographers, we are always in search of that perfect light in which to capture our images, but we need the darkness and solitude of a darkroom to allow the photograph to reveal itself to us, just as in life.

Photography for me is about capturing the essence of an experience, whether it is a person, a landscape or a situation. It is being in the moment, focused and connected, almost like a meditative state. It is becoming that clear and pure instrument, ready to expose the story behind the picture because we all have a story and my story is very simple.Photography is my passion.

It is not about doing; it is about being.